Sunday, March 8, 2009

Life Groups/Voulenteer Oppertunities ..

Grace Of God Church: New Life Ministries:

Mission Statement:

trust the lord with all your heart , in all your ways make him known , and he will make your paths smooth.

We live for God and teach others about his love for us , but we strive for one purpose to keep Gods promise to us alive.
How do we do it ?

step 1 - your personal relationship with Jesus Christ
I am the way, the truth, and the life

with any troubles in your life turn to God , he will help you figure things out and also help guide you on the right path again

step 2 - how you walk and follow your faith

He is the light of the world

Once you have made the decision to follow Christ, follow in his light and he will lead to the path of righteousness and the good life.

step 3 - how you teach others about your

For God so loved the world, that he sent us his one and only son

God loves you for who you are inside and out , he made you in his image and put you on this earth for many good purposes , take the love God has given you and share it with those around you

step 4 - how you can influence / change peoples lives with your faith

I can do all things through the power of the Lord

Once you have taught his love to those around you , go out into the world , even if its just one simple smile it may mean everything to one person.

About us ?

Here at New life Ministries we reach out to the unsaved, and get connected closer to the saved. we tell them of Gods love for us, and tell them how to live and draw closer to God each day of their lives that they live, we strive for a purpose to keep Gods promise alive in youth today and in the world around us.

Our Symbol: Dove

It represents new life with Christ , in the sense when Jesus was baptized one of the signs he saw was a dove. It also represents guidance of Christ through your spiritual Journey , and the peace he brings to you.

Worship & Prayer

worship is a big part of what we do , we feel that when you worship you become closer to God and your relationship with him becomes more divine. It helps you through tough times and even the smooth path it helps you grow stronger in your Christian faith.When we pray with anyone around us or on our team , its our time to hear God and to what he has to say to all of us , it also helps you get things that you have been holding in out to him , he will always forgive you and wash away your sin. always pray and remember God is always there for you

Adult/Youth Ministries:

Adult Ministries: INTIMATE



we build on the INTIMATE relationship with God , and grow together with the love he has given us , so that our promise of eternal life will be fulfilled , it also is a night were we grow together as friends and share open ideas and thoughts.

Mission Statement:S.T.A.N.D

the S stands for spirituality , which means getting together as one group and praising God and how you can use prayer in your daily life , and here God for what he has to say. the T stands for think , think of what God has said carefully till you fully under stand of what he wants you to do then you succeed. The A stands for Act which means once you have been told by of what God wants you to do go out and act on it making the best of your spiritual life which Gods promise will be fulfilled in the end. The N stands for Notice , which means notice the others around you of what they do to see of what God has done in your life , not only that but notice how your making impact on the tasks God has given to you. The D stands for Devote , over the years you accomplish your goals because God has sent you out to do so , devote your life to him , with renewing his promise to you , Live for him each day of your live and you will be rewarded in the kingdom of God

Youth Ministries:


Reach out


We learn together as a group of how we can make a daily IMPACT on those around us in our lives weather its at school or at home we learn how we can make a difference.

Mission Statement:R.E.A.C.T

The R stands for Reach Out , which means reach out to God or invite others to the group so that your first time out wont be bad with bringing someone you know. The E stands for Exercise, which means exercise your faith daily through prayer , or just being kind to others. The A stands for Act which means help those around you and respect others around you. The C stands for Call , which means if God has given your call in life listen to it carefully before you go out and do it. The T stands for Think , which means one God has given your call in life think about it first long and hard before you go out and do anything.

Bible Study

If you want to hear God's voice you can never go wrong by listening to what he says in his Word, the Bible. Even though the Bible was written by many authors over a span of more than a thousand years, the Holy Spirit was right there hovering over every word being written. So while there are many styles and types of writing throughout the scriptures, all of it is God's truth.

The Bible is the Living Word of God

When you read the Bible use every help available to you such as Study Bibles, Bible Dictionaries, Concordances, cross references, introduction pages for each book, etc. All these things will increase your knowledge and help you over difficult passages where you may have questions.

I also have another suggestion. The Bible is a living Word, relevant for you right now in your time and circumstances. Sometimes you come needing comfort and other times instruction.

What does God's Word say about what you need at this very moment?
Before you begin reading, pray. Ask God to speak to your heart as you read his Word;
ask that it will come alive inside of you.

You will see that he will delight in answering that prayer.

Now begin. Just read along in a normal manner taking note of various helps that may be in your Bible.

Stop and ask God questions if there is something you don't understand.
Sometimes a verse will almost jump off the page at you.
That's where God may be speaking something special to you about the needs in your life right now.

Maybe you will want to underline that passage and date it in your Bible with a note about what you feel God is saying. In the years to come you will enjoy reviewing all that God has spoken to you.

Talk it all over with him and tell him what you think and ask him what he thinks.
don't forget to keep reading your Bible - God has something new to tell you every day!

Mission Campaign: Open Arms

We provide things for the needy in our community , whether it is just giving a family food to eat or helping a homeless elder get shelter , we help them so that they feel welcome to the community and so that they can have brighter days ahead of them.

We live for God doing this making his promise to us bolded and on fire , we put others before our self’s just as Jesus did for us.

Who We Are ..

Grace of God Church

“Bringing People Closer To Him.”

Mission Statement:

At Grace of God Church we focus on what you want to hear, real life situations, thoughts and teachings from the bible you can use in your everyday life... But all together our main focus is helping you journey closer to God through bridging the gap.

Build relationships through Christ
Reach out with unconditional love
Introduce others to Christ
Do Christ's work of love and healing
Grow in the spirit of Christ
Empowered through Christ


We seek to make our world that we live in a more Christ centered place to live.. Reminding people that they are here for a purpose and that God loves each of us just the way we are .. We seek to lead people to Christ in the hopes that someone they know they can come to know Christ through the eyes of our Church , we seek to be a loving , welcoming church that accepts you for who you are.

What we Believe:

We believe in one God, Who died for our sins, and who loves us unconditionally.. We believe that anyone can have a personal relationship through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savoir. We believe he is the way, the truth and the life, and we believe our God is a very forgiving God.